Space Saving Solutions for Apartments

Apartments are a wonderful place to live. Usually, they are within walking distance of shops and restaurants. They require less maintenance and less upkeep than a house or condo.

The downside of living in an apartment is that is can have a lack of storage space. While vintage apartments are charming and full of character, these apartments can especially have a lack of storage. Or if you are living in a studio apartment, you might find yourself wondering where to put everything.

Here are some space saving ideas to help you maximize your storage.

Choose Decorations that Double as Storage


Choose decorative items that double as storage solutions. These shelves from Ikea not only look great, but are the perfect way to store things.

Purchase these shelves, here:

Utilize the Open Shelving Trend

PicMonkey Collage

Gorgeous and functional, open shelving is a hot trend right now. This trend is perfect for apartment living.

Look Up, Rather than Out


 Image found here.

When you don’t have a lot of space, focus on decorating up rather than out. This kitchen utilizes several methods of storage that we have talked about. They have made the most of this small space by decorating up rather than out. Open shelving has also been incorporated in this look.

Store Things In and Under

Use the space under your bed or put baskets under your coffee table. You will be amazed at how much space you can find if you put things in or under your furniture.

 Purchase Hanging Storage

There are lots of options for over the door storage or storage that hangs over cabinet doors. This is a great space saving solution.

Use Storage Racks

There are storage racks for plates, shoes, spices, and much more! Visit The Container Store or Ikea for storage racks.

These space saving ideas will help you to increase your storage space. There are lots of resources out there for storage solutions.

What space saving solutions have you found helpful?

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