Rental Checklist – Infographic

Rental Checklist Infographic


This quick infographic will help you through the leasing process. This rental checklist gives you questions that you can ask your leasing agent or the owner of the property.  Happy hunting!

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The Benefits of Dual-Paned Windows

dual-paned windows

It’s 3:00am. You should be dreaming of sugar plum fairies and what Santa is bringing you for Christmas, but instead you are up listening to your neighbors argue outside your apartment window. This seems to be a weekly occurrence from your neighbors living across the way. You have had enough of this. You are ready to move.

The next place that you live is going to have dual-paned windows. It is a necessity for you – not only because of the noise reduction but because of the four other features that these windows provide.

First of all, dual-paned windows save you money by helping to better insulate your home. This means that you will use less energy heating and cooling your apartment which is in turn more eco-friendly. Anything that helps the environment is important to you.

Furthermore, the thickness of dual-paned windows helps reduce moisture. Moisture reduction is beneficial because it helps reduce the chances of mold and actually makes your home a healthier place to live.

Also, these windows are easy to clean. They are a solid pane of glass so there are no nooks and crannies that need to be meticulously cleaned.

Finally, the two panes of glass make the windows harder to break. So you increase your safety by having dual-paned windows. This is an added benefit to having these in your home.

This Christmas you are going to give yourself the gift of having dual-paned windows. You will either find an apartment that has them or you are going to get them installed in your apartment. They are economical, environmentally conscious, effective for your health and safety, and easier to clean.

And the only Christmas you will hear will be your own!

Check out our website to see which apartments have new dual-paned windows! Click here.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Leasing Agent


You have found the perfect apartment. It has all the features that you are looking for and it is the perfect price. Now it is time to discuss all the details of the lease with your leasing agent.

This part can be overwhelming for people, especially for first time renters. What are some questions that you should ask your leasing agent about the leasing process?

  1. What are the requirements? Does the company have certain income and credit criteria?
  2. Do they allow co-signers? Are there any conditions to whether or not they would accept co-signers?
  3. Are utilities included? Or do you pay part or all of the utilities?
  4. How can you pay your rent? Is there an online option to pay rent? Is there a dropbox at your building? Or do you need to mail your rent check to an office?
  5. What is the lease term? Can you renew your lease?
  6. Are you required to have renter’s insurance? 
  7. What is the deposit? Is it the first and last month’s rent? Or a deposit and the first month’s rent?
  8. Is the building rent controlled? Landlords of buildings that are rent controlled can only raise the rent a certain percentage each year. This percentage is determined by the state.
  9. What is the pet policy? Even if you do not have a pet now, when your daughter brings one home you will want to know what the policy is. Is there a pet deposit or a pet rent at your building?
  10. What are the move out costs? Is there anything that you are responsible for when you move out? Do you need to hire cleaners or painters when you move out?

Asking these questions will help the leasing process go smoothly. These questions will help guarantee that there are no surprises during your lease. Understanding the terms of your lease is key to a smooth process.

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How to Decide if an Apartment is Right for You


With so many options out there, how do you choose an apartment? What is really important? Here are some questions to help you consider whether or not the apartment is the right place for you. 

  1. Does it have enough closet space? Sometimes the perfect apartment has very little closet/storage space. Are you willing to compromise?
  2. Where do the windows face? If you love to leave your windows open but the windows face the trash can, it may not be the place for you.
  3. Will it fit your furniture? Do you have an armoire that you really love? Will the bedroom fit a bed and your armoire? Consider if the apartment will fit your furniture. You don’t want to buy new furniture every time that you move.
  4. Is there a laundry room on-site? Where is it in relation to your unit?
  5. What is the parking situation? How many spaces does the unit come with? Are they covered or gated? Where is the space located? Your parking space may be right next to the trash chute or really far away from your unit.
  6. How long does it take you to drive to work? You may only be five miles away from work, but with traffic it could take forty-five minutes. Take this into consideration.
  7. Are there shared walls? You may want to find a different apartment if the bedroom walls are shared with someone.
  8. When is the apartment available? If you need an immediate move-in, but the apartment is not available for two months, it may not be the place for you.
  9. What appliances does it come with? Do you need to buy a fridge or a microwave? Or does it come with all the appliances?
  10. What kinds of decorations are you allowed to use? Can you paint? Can you hang things on the wall? 

These questions will help you begin thinking through whether or not the apartment fits you and your needs.

Happy apartment hunting!



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