Vicious Dogs – The Pink’s of NoHo


When I heard that Vicious Dogs might be as good (or better!) than Pink’s Hot Dogs, I knew that I needed to try it.

I grew up going to Pink’s Hot Dogs. It was always worth waiting in the line that wrapped around the building. It was an experience to choose from their unique combinations and to hear the waitresses rattle off the orders by memory.

However, it is down in Hollywood and not always convenient to get to. But Vicious Dogs is only five minutes away from where I work.

So I jumped on the chance to try Vicious Dogs today.

I beat the lunch rush so I had the place to myself for a few minutes. The walls of the tiny hot dog joint are covered with eccentric art and the smell of veggies grilling and pastrami searing greets you. Yes, you heard that correctly. You can get seared pastrami on your dog.

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The friendly staff shared with me their most popular items. One of those is their “Hot Chick” dog. This distinctive dog is wrapped in bacon and topped with chopped chicken tenders, hot sauce, and ranch dressing.

I opted for the “I Love New York” polish sausage. This hot dog was a juicy, slight spicy mouthful. Covered with grilled onions, pan fried tomatoes, and ranch dressing, it was the perfect combination of flavors.

I washed it down with a half order of their seasoned fries. They were perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with just the right amount of seasoning. And at only $2.50 for a half order, the fries are a must.

But what I was most impressed by was seeing the owner there working alongside the staff.  He was working hard cleaning, taking people’s orders, and greeting customers by name. It added an element of neighborliness.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend that you stop by Vicious Dogs. It is definitely a highlight of the NoHo Arts District. With its offbeat menu and personable staff, it has become a favorite with the locals.

And don’t tell Pink’s, but I think it just might be better!

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Honu Coffee


The town calls itself “Awesome Town,” but in order to truly be an awesome town you need  to have a specialty coffee shop. And Santa Clarita did not.

Sure, they had their Starbucks, Pete’s Coffee, and other chain coffee stores. But there was no boutique coffee shops. No one was serving house-roasted coffee. No one was searching high and low for the best coffee.

But John and his wife decided to change that. Three months ago they opened Honu Coffee. They were serving Kean coffee; the best coffee in their opinion.

They had randomly discovered this unique coffee several years ago at a restaurant in Lancaster. They had ordered some after dinner coffee with no high expectations. To their surprise, they were blown away by the exquisite coffee.

So John and his wife tracked down the roaster and found that it was called Kean coffee. Kean coffee is personally roasted by coffee connoisseur, Martin Deidrich. He searches all over the globe for the best coffee. He is a firm believer in using coffee that is in season. So the types of coffee change with the season for maximum flavor.

A self-described “serial entrepreneur,” John recognized that the Santa Clarita Valley was lacking in good coffee. He took it upon himself to bring good coffee to SCV.

Honu Coffee is a charming little coffee shop in downtown Newhall. They have a great indoor space as well as a large outdoor patio. But the best part of the coffee shop is their loft space. This cozy loft is the perfect area to study or have a meeting. Complete with comfy couches and plugs for your laptop, it is a great place to hang out.


But the part that can’t be beat is what Honu Coffee is known for – their coffee. You will definitely want to enjoy a cup of their flavorful coffee!


 Many thanks to Honu Coffee for letting us stop by and answering our questions! We will definitely be back!

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Marie et Cie


It was a cold, rainy day and I was hungry. To my shame, I was taking a quick lunch break to go get a couple Jack in The Box tacos.

As I drove to get a quick bite, I passed a little cafe. This cafe had always intrigued me. It had a red awning that sported the words, “Home Furnishings – Coffee House.” What kind of place has both home furnishings and coffee? I did not know, but I was willing to find out!

I parked and walked past a lovely outdoor patio into the charming restaurant. The colors were warm and inviting. The conversation was buzzing as guests chatted at bistro tables. And the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling added a whimsical charm.


I chatted with the employees about the history of Marie et Cie and finally decided to order a french onion soup and a piece of chocolate cheesecake.

While I waited for my food, I browsed their home goods. They had a wide selection of candles, home decor, and furniture. I could have looked around for a long time!

I couldn’t wait for my soup any longer, so I broke the rules and ate my cheesecake first. It was a decadent, creamy cheesecake with a rich chocolate flavor. It was divine!


I was in a hurry and I started to get impatient for my food. But when it arrived, all my concerns about being late were forgotten. It was probably the best french onion soup that I had ever had! It was served in a darling mini pot and served with a delicious cheese toast.


We love to find new places that our near our properties and this place quickly became one of our favorites. We are so glad that on an excursion to get tacos, we ended up stumbling across this instead.

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The Orange Tree Juice Bar

orange tree

Pictured left to right: Carrot Cake, Green Machine, Pink Lady

Once upon a time, there was a group of entrepreneurs who owned a juice bar. They served delicious, fresh juices every day to the residents of Hollywood. But in an unfortunate turn of events, the juice bar burnt down.

It was a tragic story. But it has a happy ending!

Twenty years later, those entrepreneurs started another juice bar. They still kept making their fresh juices, but this time it was in Studio City.

This juice bar is our neighbor, the Orange Tree Juice Bar! The Orange Tree is (literally) the new kid on the block. There are coffee shops, pizza places, boutique shops, but nothing like this juice bar.  All of us at PAC Properties are so excited to welcome them to the Tujunga Village shopping center.

Everything in the juice bar is vibrant – the colors of the decor, the flavors, and the fresh fruits and vegetables, ready to juice.

I enjoyed sampling their Pink Lady juice. It was made fresh with tangy grapefruit, crisp apple, a hint of mint, and aloe vera. Some of my coworkers sampled the Carrot Cake, Apple Pie, and Green Machine juices. They said that the juices tasted remarkably like the desserts that they were named after!

The Orange Tree has a beautiful outdoor patio that guests can enjoy. They also offer free Wifi! It is the perfect hidden spot to study or to have a casual date.

The juice bar also serves a variety of savory menu items. They have salads and paninis if you are in the mood for something more than juice.

The Orange Tree is owned by one of our favorite tacos stands in Studio City, Cactus Tacqueria, so we were very excited to visit and try some of their juices. We definitely were not disappointed! We recommend that you head over there and give it a try!

orange tree juice


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Creme Caramel LA


At PAC Properties, we love to find fun spots that are in close proximity to our apartment buildings. Not only do we want to help you find a great apartment, we want our residents to enjoy the culture of where they live.

Today, we had the privilege of experiencing Creme Caramel LA. It was a pleasure not only trying their delicious food, but to meet the owner and staff. We cannot speak highly enough of this restaurant!

Within walking distance of our building at 15007 Burbank building in Sherman Oaks, this coffee shop and restaurant is a fantastic hang out place. There are tables to sit outside and a cute counter area where you can enjoy a dessert or cup of coffee.

Creme Caramel LA got its start in Farmer’s Markets so they had lots of samples to try. Known for their custards and bread pudding, Creme Caramel has something for everyone. The owner finds inspiration from her Filipino roots and incorporates unique ingredients such as ube, a purple yam. We would recommend their bread pudding with homemade salted caramel sauce!

Pictured above is a custard pie topped with bruleed graham cracker Greek yogurt crumble (description from the Creme Caramel LA website). On the right is the bread pudding with the homemade caramel sauce. To the left, you can see a creme caramel. Everything that we sampled was wonderful! They also have savory menu items and there are vegan options as well.

Every Friday, Creme Caramel La has what they call Food Truck Friday. Different food trucks come to the coffee shop and there is food and drinks from 5:00pm-9:00pm. If you don’t have plans for this Friday, you will definitely want to stop by and check it out!

For more information and menus, you can find Creme Caramel LA here:




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