Marie et Cie


It was a cold, rainy day and I was hungry. To my shame, I was taking a quick lunch break to go get a couple Jack in The Box tacos.

As I drove to get a quick bite, I passed a little cafe. This cafe had always intrigued me. It had a red awning that sported the words, “Home Furnishings – Coffee House.” What kind of place has both home furnishings and coffee? I did not know, but I was willing to find out!

I parked and walked past a lovely outdoor patio into the charming restaurant. The colors were warm and inviting. The conversation was buzzing as guests chatted at bistro tables. And the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling added a whimsical charm.


I chatted with the employees about the history of Marie et Cie and finally decided to order a french onion soup and a piece of chocolate cheesecake.

While I waited for my food, I browsed their home goods. They had a wide selection of candles, home decor, and furniture. I could have looked around for a long time!

I couldn’t wait for my soup any longer, so I broke the rules and ate my cheesecake first. It was a decadent, creamy cheesecake with a rich chocolate flavor. It was divine!


I was in a hurry and I started to get impatient for my food. But when it arrived, all my concerns about being late were forgotten. It was probably the best french onion soup that I had ever had! It was served in a darling mini pot and served with a delicious cheese toast.


We love to find new places that our near our properties and this place quickly became one of our favorites. We are so glad that on an excursion to get tacos, we ended up stumbling across this instead.

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