The Orange Tree Juice Bar

orange tree

Pictured left to right: Carrot Cake, Green Machine, Pink Lady

Once upon a time, there was a group of entrepreneurs who owned a juice bar. They served delicious, fresh juices every day to the residents of Hollywood. But in an unfortunate turn of events, the juice bar burnt down.

It was a tragic story. But it has a happy ending!

Twenty years later, those entrepreneurs started another juice bar. They still kept making their fresh juices, but this time it was in Studio City.

This juice bar is our neighbor, the Orange Tree Juice Bar! The Orange Tree is (literally) the new kid on the block. There are coffee shops, pizza places, boutique shops, but nothing like this juice bar.  All of us at PAC Properties are so excited to welcome them to the Tujunga Village shopping center.

Everything in the juice bar is vibrant – the colors of the decor, the flavors, and the fresh fruits and vegetables, ready to juice.

I enjoyed sampling their Pink Lady juice. It was made fresh with tangy grapefruit, crisp apple, a hint of mint, and aloe vera. Some of my coworkers sampled the Carrot Cake, Apple Pie, and Green Machine juices. They said that the juices tasted remarkably like the desserts that they were named after!

The Orange Tree has a beautiful outdoor patio that guests can enjoy. They also offer free Wifi! It is the perfect hidden spot to study or to have a casual date.

The juice bar also serves a variety of savory menu items. They have salads and paninis if you are in the mood for something more than juice.

The Orange Tree is owned by one of our favorite tacos stands in Studio City, Cactus Tacqueria, so we were very excited to visit and try some of their juices. We definitely were not disappointed! We recommend that you head over there and give it a try!

orange tree juice


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